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Meet the Candidate

"It is not that the youth are rebellious. We are just a generation filled with ideas and dreams in a system that doesn’t always take well to innovation and change" - Kelvin Stallings

Kelvin Stallings, MPA
District 2 Candidate

 Kelvin Stallings is a newcomer to the world of running for political office but not to the world of professional politics. In terms of prior employment, Kelvin served as a political and nonprofit professional with years of experience raising money, coaching teams, and running electoral programs to create a tangible difference in people's lives.


 A native of Goldsboro, North Carolina, Kelvin focused on social change work and community organizing while attending college in rural Elizabeth City. After two transformational years breaking goals and leading teams to raise almost a quarter of a million dollars for clients such as the Nature Conservancy, ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center at a national boutique fundraising firm in Durham, North Carolina, Kelvin jumped out on the campaign trail and has worked in fundraising, operations, and outreach as an senior advisor to various candidates and advocacy campaigns around the country.


Professionally, Kelvin works on strategic ways to understand, interpret and analyze data, in order to produce accurate reports that his college leadership can make informed and important decisions based upon. 


Kelvin moved back home and answered the call to serve because he hopes to cut through the divisive nature of the current leadership in order to pass policies and ordinances will help push all districts of Goldsboro forward in an equal and equitable way.